In order for humanity to be protected and allowed to survive, it will take the women of the world to create a circle of love called, LINEAGE TRIBE ™

Nicole Picard

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Lineage Tribe

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Lineage Tribe Theme Song


Filmed entirely on Point Dume in Malibu, CA in the film, this very special place is called Lineage Point where spirits run free soaring high, like birds in flight together in harmony ...

The Lineage Tribe Theme Song was composed/sung by Nicole Picard, b/u vocals by Grace Fae, music performed by Nancy Luca

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The story of a tribe of women and girls who support each other in facing life's challenges through music and dance. Inspired by the exotic and altruistic gypsy girl Esmerelda from the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame', everyone involved in this epic story wins at something.

Set against beautiful backdrops we present the women and girls who strive to improve their lives. Filmed in the hills of Malibu and the beaches of Santa Monica, the love triangle that develops between Carla, Omar and Esme becomes a galvanizing force that moves the tribe to other countries. There are tribes in Spain, France and England as well as the Middle East and Australia.

This is the beginning of a movement to create the positive message that all of humanity is part of the Lineage Tribe and in order to survive, you must become one with it's mission to protect the earth and all of it's inhabitants as equal



Nicole PIcard. Melody Parra, Grace Fae, Kyle Colton, Barbara Koval, Elizabeth Tripp, Kaila Marlu, Dustin Quick, Joanne Chew, Paula Achter, Steven Littles, Brandon Lamberty, Rose Bouquet, Ellen Burr, Evangeline, Mary McNeill, Regan DuCasse,Chunzi He, Aria Surre, Lana Hazelton, Timia Simone, Xiawan Jin, Monica Molina, Derek Lewis, Shannon Bengston,Jasmin Singh, Terrance Elton, Devyn Labella, Trinity Cali Rose, Mariah Tavares, Nate Ballard, Jason Brewer, Coach the Shaman Dog, Cariss Delaine,Jazmine Elahi, Reena Guachon, Brittany Gilmore, Carter Gilmore, Maude Gerard, Erika Garces, K'Lynn Jackman, Wendy Jackman,Giavoni Kimbrough, Joanne Lozzaro, Shimeah Milsap, Misha Molani, Kyle Padilla, Rama Parvatoja, Shrija Parvatoja, Diane Perkins, Melodee Piper, Robin Pucay, Ruth Rosner,Xitali Sanchez, Ricky Schultz, Katarina Sebastian, Cooper Shaw and Allyson Wilcox.


Lineage Tribe Short Film

Diverse and Inclusive Cast

All ethnicities with ages ranging from a 7 month old baby to a 90 year old woman


10 Original Songs and an Award Winning Theme Song

Norte Dame Cathedral

Amazing exterior footage filmed just before the fire that ravaged the structure.

Soon to be Streaming

Music Videos and Episode 1 from the Series scheduled for August 2021

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Receives Multiple 2020 Film Festival Awards

International Independent 2020 Short Film Festival Bronze Awards: Best Director, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song

Lineage Tribe Episode II  Dir. by Nicole
Lineage Tribe Episode II Dir. by Nicole

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Lineage Tribe Episode II  Dir. by Nicole
Lineage Tribe Episode II Dir. by Nicole

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Lineage Tribe Episode II  Dir. by Nicole
Lineage Tribe Episode II Dir. by Nicole

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The LIneage Tribe stars, Melody Parra as Carla, Nicole Picard as Sunev and Grace Fae as Esme are seen singing on Lineage Point as the sun sets in the blue sky.

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You Got the Feelin' is a mellow jazz tune about Carla's discovery of what she believes is Omar's feelings from the way he looks at her. The blue eyes merging with the blue sky captivates her into letting the love flow.

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Nicole Picard as Sunev sings a bluesy lament of how her marriage fell apart. The music video shows the recording studio where the song was recorded. There are snippets from the film Lineage Tribe with scenes showing Sunev’s husband, Jean-Pierre, a world reknown doctor, who came back to her, hoping to salvage their marriage because she was pregnant with their daughter Esme.

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The Stars of Lineage Tribe

Career Highlights

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Melody Parra (aka Melody Marie Tavitian-Parra) was born in Los Angeles, CA. A graduate of UCLA, she majored in English and Spanish with a concentration in World Literature. While attending UCLA, Melody was a member of ACT III Theatre Ensemble where she was cast as the lead in several classics including Oedipus, Othello, and Antigone, among many others. 
Melody is of Mexican/Ecuadorian descent on her mother’s side and French/Lebanese on her father’s. She is native in English and Spanish, conversational in French. In addition to booking the lead role in Nicole Picard’s Lineage Tribe, Melody’s current work includes the lead in a pilot, as well as commercials and print work for Samsung, Chipotle, AMPM, and Mazda.
While working on Lineage Tribe, Melody especially enjoyed Picard’s direction as well as learning martial arts choreography for the first time, along with the creative dance routines and participating in several original songs. She states "Everyone in the cast/crew was lovely to work with and each one brought a unique energy to this story about battered women bonding together in order to heal and reconstruct their lives."
Melody Parra’s most recent work is a feature film titled Nena which she wrote, produced, directed and starred in. The film is a drama based on a true story and was made into 2 versions, shot in both English and Spanish, respectively. It is currently in post production.
Besides acting, Melody loves dancing, cooking, painting, and spending time with her family and little dog, Oliver.

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Grace Fae is a dramatic and comedic actress with experience in film, on television, and stage. Also a singer/songwriter, dancer, and director, Grace has written and produced two original plays, and an album. She grew up in suburban Connecticut as an athlete and leader in student government, and graduated from Yale University cum laude with a Theater/ English degree. After college, Grace acted on many West Coast stages, winning Best Actress in a Drama at the Sacramento Area Regional Theater Awards (for her performance in Tennessee Williams' Kingdom of Earth as Myrtle, the irrepressible Southern showgirl with a dark past) in 2013. Now based in Los Angeles, Grace sings vintage jazz with two bands, and is recurring on Roku's Charlie as a fairy godmother, and shooting a web series called Jack and Jill in which she plays a couch-surfing party princess.

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Originally from the suburbs of southeast Michigan, Kyle Colton has been acting for over 20 years. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011, Kyle has had the pleasure of playing many parts in over 40 productions. He can be seen in "Alicia's Dream," “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” (Netflix) and  “Marfa,” starring Tony Todd (Candy Man, 1992), set to premiere in 2020. Playing Omar in “Lineage Tribe” was one of the most interesting roles he’s had to date. Playing a young Brit with 

with a dark past and even more mysterious abilities was a wonderful experience. “I don’t have the chance to speak with a British accent, so that was fun and then working with all of these women! How lucky can you get!”

Learning the dance choreography with Melody really built our camaraderie and helped our physical chemistry. Working down on the beach was magical. I loved the entire ensemble; such a warm and inviting energy from the entire cast.

Omar, the Arabian Brit, is only one of the few male roles in Lineage Tribe. Some inspirations for the character were a toned down Jack Sparrow with stylings akin to Duran Duran and the English new wave.



My Producer, Director and Writer's hats are on!

Nicole loves being part of a creative community. Producing music videos, TV shows and films, gives Nicole the opportunity to elevate awareness about social issues she cares about. She has appeared on television, in film and theatre productions, working with some incredible names in the industry like Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol, Bon Jovi, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael J Fox, George Hamilton and one of her favorit leading men, Ted McGinley. She continues to do so having worked on the TV series, Jane the Virgin, Mapleworth Murders and the Untitled Jordan Peele Project playing opposite Daniel Kaluuya. Nicole is now creating her own projects; writing, composing, directing, acting  and loving the whole process, producing new projects with her production company, Picard Productions.

Nicole has written the screenplay for Lineage Tribe, a musical web series, an epic production, for which she wrote the music and is playing one of the lead roles."I love acting; there is something so unbelievably gratifying about playing different roles, but now it's time to impart my wisdom in a whole new way. Working with young girls and women to help accelerate their careers.”

Lineage Tribe received multiple awards at the International Independent Short Film Festival in Los Angeles. The music videos from the soundtrack of the web series are now streaming on Amazon. Nicole is actively seeking a development deal to make the streaming web series into a feature film or a limited series on a major cable channel. She has written the story to bring awareness to the plight of young girls rescued at the border, those in abusive foster families, wives suffering from domestic abuse and those abducted and sold into sex trafficking. On a lighter note,there is romance, singing, dancing and martial arts even for the youngest girls. They try to fight so tough but they are too cute! 

These are only a few storylines from the series presenting a myriad of challenges for girls and women of all ethnic backgrounds. Nicole is planning to donate a percentage of the film's revenue to the non-profit group CATWInternational. “Working at Inside Philanthropy has given me the opportunity to find benefactors who support the arts. I want to present a hopeful and positive experience for viewers to try a different path and support the social causes the stories shed light on.”

She is planning on pitching the film at this year's AFM and at the Sundance Film Festival. Nicole has an awarad wiinning TV series with the pilot working the short film festival circuit, SURPRISE! Now Nicole will be working on creating a sketch character piece crafted for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Lineage Tribe is a project a long time in the making (35 years) and now it is finally coming to fruition!. Hallelujah!


Synopsis of the Musical Film
Lineage Tribe